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Hello Friends!

Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!
Here in my little corner of the web, you’ll find our daily stories, a place to connect, tools for your autism and/or homeschool journey, and inspiration across all aspects of life – including a focus on our amazing discovery of all things gut health related!

I’m, Laura, by the way – a wife, mother, caregiver, teacher, and a woman that is simply trying to be a better person than she was the day before. We are residents of Northeast Tennessee and I am in love with our corner of the world.

Our homeschool includes lots of child-led play, outdoor adventures, and sensory breaks that help support Miles’s overall health and well-being.

Our family’s core foundation is Jesus Christ. We are members of our local Souther Baptist church and love to fellowship and serve our community.

Every week here, you will find something new. Homeschool, health, or just something I may have learned through trial and error! I love being inspired by other women and I believe we are here to support each other. I hope you find support and inspiration here!

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